Smiling Gordon Brown

I got a fake e-mail, e-mails carrying image files of a Smiling Gordon Brown are passing online, but if anyone opens them, it will lead to the collapse of his/her PC that'll be un-remediable.
Just i wanna to alter u from this fake email which is  interesting to know.

In addition, the e-mail also cautions that nobody should click on the embedded attachment in the e-mails since it's infected with a virus that McAfee, another security firm, noticed. The e-mail then recommends its recipient to forward it to his/her family, friends and other associates.
Hence, people are unknowingly passing on the hoax alert, confidence everything stated in the e-mail to be true and warning all the people in their address boxes to protect their PCs from the suspected virus.

As declared by Graham Cluley, Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos, the incident wasn't simply something to be treated with a smile and shrugging of the shoulders. According to him, the problem associated to e-mail jokes involving viruses, was that some persons didn't recognize their other side. Even prior to realizing the importance of the situation, people spread the message to others as an authentic security alert, as reported by InfoSecurity on February 5, 2010.

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