Features of Nigerian Scam

The Internet has not only brought about the development in communications and commerce and all other facts of human endeavors, but it has also provided a platform for criminals to take advantage of unsuspecting members of the public using a faster and cheaper means of communicating to the targeted victim. Unlike other criminal activities, crime on the Internet has no boundary, as a scam letter can be sent from Nigeria to any part of the world, poising enough challenges to law enforcement agencies all over the world.
The Main Features of the Nigerian Spam are as Follows:
STRONG TIES: Claims are made that the other parties are employed in, or have strong ties with the Nigerian Government, the Central Bank of Nigeria, NNPC or dependants of a dead or living victim. 
RISK FREE: The victims are usually informed of not having any risks involved in the processes.
BANK DETAILS: The bank details and personal documents of the victim are usually requested.
ADVANCE FEE: Finally an advance fee is usually required to either pay for some legal fees, transfer fees or bribe government or bank officials.
Spammers proposals falls in these main category:
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