India is a Spamming Center

Marvel where all those frustrating scam messages come from? Who sends them? Well, you have got some answers here. Panda Security, a player in antivirus and preventive technologies sector, has stated in its report that India is the world's number two spammer. Surprised? Even we were.

Panda Security has released a report stating that Brazil, India, Korea, Vietnam and U.S. head the list of countries from which most scam was sent during the first two months of the year 2010. With admiration to the cities from which spam was being sent, Seoul was first in the list, followed by Hanoi, New Delhi, Bogota, Sao Paulo and Mumbai. 

The five million emails investigated by Panda Labs came from a total of approximately one million different IP addresses. This illustrates that the spam is mostly sent from zombie computers belonging to a botnet. This way, the computers of the infected users themselves are those which send the spam. The cybercrooks have thousands of computers at their removal, which do the dirty work for them.

Spam is nothing but a business and is used mainly either to distribute malware or sell/advertise all type of products. Therefore, as long as there are users, no substance if they are few, who trust these messages, it's sufficient to continue betting on it.

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