Verizon Wireless Customers Trget by Credit Card Scam

It’s happening in Bucyrus  city in the U.S. state of Ohio, a small city of about 15,000. people there who have Verizon cell service are getting calls from people asking for credit and debit card details in order to reactivate cards that have allegedly been deactivated as a result of “suspicious activity.”

A police dispatcher in Bucyrus told News that not only has her department received several calls from people, but at least four banks have called to say they are aware of what’s going on. Local police have called in the FBI to take over the case.

Escaping a scam like this can be easy if you follow a couple pieces of advice, police say. Don’t give out information to the caller. Call your Credit Card Company or bank if you think there’s a trouble. Then you know just whom you are dealing with.

Several banks in that country part of Ohio have to close customer accounts and open new ones as a result of the scam.

If you know any information on this case, you’re asked to call Bucyrus police at 419-562-1006.

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