8 guaranteed Ways to Spot an EBAY Scam E-Mail and keep you from Identity Theft

EBay is a great site and is used by numerous to buy and sell new and used Items. It really is the world’s Largest Garage Sale sadly when an online site becomes as big and popular as E-Bay the scam artists appear to just naturally follow. These Scam artists will often try to steal your Idenity and get your bank or credit card information in addition to your E-Bay Id and Password.

A classic Ebay Scam Artist will send you an e-mail requesting that you update your account. Often this request to update your account is made under some fake pretence like it is suspended or has been suspected of Fraudulent use. Here is a Copy of a recent Ebay Scam E-mail I received http://ewguru.com/ebay-scam. You will notice the E-Bay Link on this page looks real. Don't click it. You can however do a right click properties and observe that it is in fact a phony link.

E-bay has an outstanding online Tutorial that teaches how to stain and protect yourself from spoof e-mails http://ewguru.com/spoof-emails.

Here are 8 reliable Ways to Spot an EBAY Scam E-Mail and keep You from Identity Theft

1 - Wrong E-Mail Address

Any E-mail Sent to an E-mail Address that is Not Your Primary Ebay E-mail Account is extra than likely a scam.
2 - phony links.

While several emails have links included, just memorize that these links can be fake too. After you click on the Link a Real E-Bay Address should appear. To determine if the Web address in your browser is a real eBay address, look for ".ebay.com" instantly before the first "/".

3 - Requests Personal Details

Any E-mail that requests you enter private information like User ID, password or bank account number either by clicking on a link in the E-mail or finishing a form within the e-mail are a strong indication the e-mail is a SCAM.

4 - Urgent Subject Lines

Subject likes * * * Please Verify & Update Your Account * * *

5 - General greetings.

Masses of emails begin with a Greeting, such as: "Dear Ebay member instead of the Name you used when you registered for your account.

6 - Shock to Action

Many false emails try to trick you with the threat that your account is in risk if you don't sign in and fix it NOW!

7 - HTML Website phony

Emails that show to be websites. A few emails will look like a website in order to get you to enter personal information. Ebay never asks for personal information in an e-mail.

8. Misspellings and bad grammar

Scam emails may contain misspellings, incorrect grammar, missing words. Many Times these are used to trick the E-mail Filters.

A quick review

If you accept an E-mail with a Link requesting you to click on the link and sign in to your E-bay account, Don't Do It!.

If you get an E-mail that looks like an EBay Sign in Form, Don't Sign in!

If you are unsure if the e-mail is real or scam forward it to spoof@ebay.com and request help.

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