Ayola Adelaja Scammer

Scammer Ayola Adelaja:

Name : Ayola Adelaja

Age : 30
Mail Id : ayo231laja@yahoo.com

Locations : Lagos

State : Lagos
Country : Nigeria

Scammer Scenario

She's trying to steal money from people quarrelling that wants to come to marry the person but has no money for travel.   

Scammer Letters:

Hi, darling

... I am not in a mood today. Just somehow I feel tired and bushed.
You know, in fact, I am fed up with my work. I work for 9, sometimes even more hours a day. My job needs me to be calm and patient, you know.
Being a waitress you should be gracious with clients, smile when they tell you some vulgar joke and be friendly to those who are in the restaurant for the first time.
My salary is about 200 dollars a month which is not as high-high as I would like it to be.
I am not scared of work, but I know that my work should be more paid.
To tell the truth, these 200 dollars are good sufficient just for bills-paying, no money is left, I would like to have a PC, but still, it costs a lot.
I also cannot write you so often because of our dim rules here – one should pay for every received and sent letter.
What a shame! We live in such a current world! I am really sorry for complaining, just you are the only one I can do this.
I hope you will know me. That is some kind of nervous breakdown.
I want to thank you for everything you have done for me! And thank you for being with me all this time.
You are my only friend.
I already miss you...
P.S. Can you say me your full name.
Name: Ayola Adelaja
Age :30

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