Police officer stops scammer

Cpl. Shawn Bennett fixed one telephone scammer’s wagon on Tuesday morning. Evelyn Bedwell, 78, intimated she received a phone call from a man calling himself “James Lopez,” who claimed to be from Publisher’s Clearing House.

He told Bedwell that she had won $55,000; to collect the money, she needed to get a money transfer for $679.99 payable to “Lee Foyt, 116447 Boss Gaston Road, Sugarland, Tex., 74498.” Once she got the money transport, he said, she was to call 1-876-406-4120 and Lopez would send a “UPS” driver by the name of “James Washington” to collect it.

While Bennett and Reserve officer Chris Cecil were at Bedwell’s residence in the 200 block of Francis Street taking the details, the man called again. This time, Bennett picked up the phone – Bedwell had “just stepped out,” he said. Then he had some questions for the caller. Some rather pointed questions; the man hung up.

The officers let Bedwell know not to give the man any personal details, should he bother to call again.
An Internet search turned up a alike story involving the same address and phone number. This type of scam is a variant of the 419 e-mail scam.

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