10 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

As the reputation of credit cards and Internet shopping grow, so does the possibility that you will become a victim of Identity Theft. One's information can be simply accessed by anyone who has your social security number and other identifying information such as credit card bills or processed checks.

1. Buy a Shredder. Shredding your old bills, statements, receipts and credit & bank statements is the first and perhaps most effective way to stop dumpster divers from admission your information. Before throwing away anything with private information, slice it.
If you're not sure that the info can be used to steal your identity, shred it anyway.

2. When using an ATM be weary of those standing next to you. If someone is standing too close behind you, do not be frightened to ask them to step back.

3. Hidden camera detectors. In addition to prying eyes, also be conscious of surveillance strategy in stores, ATMs, gas stations, and anywhere you may be using a credit card or signing your name. There are many small and reasonable hidden camera incidence detectors on the market.

4. Treat your checks like money. Would you stuff your mailbox with wads of cold cash? Mail theft is perhaps easier than dumpster diving when it comes to theft private information, and much cleaner. Mail checks by dipping them off at the Post Office and if you do order bank checks via the web or mail, have them delivered via registered mail or FedEx.

5. Biometrics services like fingerprint or voice detection are becoming popular in the war against identity theft or account hacking. Voice biometrics works by digitizing a summary of a person's speech to produce a stored model voice print. Many banks are now offering this service; ask yours about adding this to your bank account security options.

6. Make a list of all of your credit card numbers, passwords, usernames and bank account numbers and protector them in a safe place. Do not keep them on your computer, particularly if you use peer to peer file sharing software.
7. When applying for a credit card demands that your photo be placed on the card. There are also companies which will place your photo on your checks.

8. Write on the back of your credit card "Ask To See My ID" , most citizens at the register treat credit cards like cash not asking for ID. If they do not ask or overlook to do so, ask them why they have not.

9. When you move be sure to register your new forwarding address with the Post Office and also notify all of your credit cards, banks, and contributions services personally of your new address. If they are still sending confidential information to your old address, cancel your card or account.
10. Don't carry your social security number or credit cards you don't use on you. You are not necessary to carry a social security card so lock it up. If you're not using your credit cards, keep them in a safe place with your social security card.

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