FIFA World Cup E-mails Leading to Spam

Once again, it's significant to present you with information concerning the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Cyber criminals are not going to stop until the end of this event - they are launching new attacks of Scam, aiming to trick as many possible victims as possible. Let's get familiar with two new scam email campaigns revealed by security experts from Trend Micro.

Emails belonging to the first spam campaign inform possible victims about a new "contest" called "Final Draw" and supposedly being organized by the FIFA Organizing Committee. Receivers are asked to download the .doc attachment in order to see all the details of their winning. The aim of the creators of this attack is to gain victims' personal and financial information and use it for their further nasty activities.
The other spam campaign spreads messages written in poor English and punctual its recipients to open an attached .pdf file. The attachment asks its beneficiary to give certain information "in relation to a fund transfer transaction amounting to a whopping US$10.5 million. Upon agreeing to the bid, the recipient should supposedly get 30 percent of the said amount," Trend Micro notes.

The tactics of this campaign be similar to well-known 419 scam. The so-called 419 scam (aka "Nigeria scam" or "West African" scam) is one of the most well-liked scams in the world affecting millions of people. It starts with an email asking for help and talented a huge reward for that. However, victimized users just lose their money almost without a possibility to get them back.

Security experts warn all users that if they receive any e-mail that looks too good to be true, they may be almost 100% sure that it's a mare scam. If they don't know who sent them that email they are strictly recommended to delete it. These are two basic things that normal people should remember if they don't want to allow cyber criminals to trick them and steal their money.

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