Fifa World Cup spam hit again

Security vendor Trend Micro is warning users of yet another spam operation using the forthcoming Fifa World Cup 2010 tournament as bait.

The unwanted mail carries a .PDF file attachment which purports to contain particulars about a 'lottery prize'. The beneficiary is asked for personal information which must be sent to the contact or email sender before the prize can be claimed

What was interesting [was that] the purported sender of the email - one Mrs Michelle Matins, Executive Vice President - was also the participant for the 419 scam, aka the Nigeria scam," wrote Jovi Umawing of Trend Micro's technical communications department.

"Some samples retrieved were obviously free from attachments, and they were puportedly sent by a certain FIFA vice president named Geoff Thompson. Further investigation revealed that he too was associated to an old scam."

According to Umawing, Trend Micro spotted the first World Cup scam back in 2009, which also involved the receiver winning an online lottery.

"Users should be wary of more of these kinds of attacks or alternative of these attacks as the sports event draws closer," he wrote.

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