Be Careful Spam Messages Spreading Spiteful HTML files

Security experts from Websense Security Labs have newly found that cyber criminals are gradually more spreading spam emails with JavaScript that links to malicious websites. Let's find out together what is hiding behind these attacks. 

How do all these things start? Well, mistreated users open their inboxes and find a message in with a HTML attachment. Some messages warn probable victims that dangerous files had been noticed. They can sight results of the virus scan (of course a fake one) in the HTML attachment. 

You can also receive a message with the subject line "FIFA World Cup South Africa...bad news". The message itself is very short: "FIFA World Cup disgrace news, read attached document". The attachment in this case is also the .html file that, upon implementation, leads to a malicious website. Websense has already noticed more than 80,000 email messages belonging to this malicious spam campaign.

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