Every 7 seconds scammer attack online visitors in the UK

Last year, there were 420,000 scam-related emails sent every hour in the UK, according to the figures from CPP in a new report. In the last 12 months alone, there were 3.7 billion Phishing attacks

Of the UK-based adults surveyed, 2,007 in all, 55-percent of them said that they were under attack by seemingly legal emails from high street banks. In addition, when asked about other frauds, more than half reported seeing false lotto prize claims, as well as 419 scams.
Scammers are also utilizing the explosion of social networking sites and current defaults in solitude settings to target victims, CPP said. The report states that almost one fifth of Brits surveyed has received phony Facebook messages claiming to be from friends or family. A third said they are worried their social networking account could be cooperation.
“It seems that not a day goes by without a new case of online fraud hitting the headlines. But what’s concerning is that customers are still falling victim,” said CPP’s fraud expert Nicole Sanders.
Scammers are becoming ever more skilled in their techniques and plans. It can be tremendously difficult to spot a legal email from a scam, so we advise care at all times when online. And as social networking sites become ever more popular, people need to continue to be mindful of what they post. Their uniqueness is as valuable to a thief as a credit card, so protecting personal details is key.”

The Golden Rule:

Identity thieves are experts at spotting an opportunity to steal your identity and all they need are a few personal details… If someone asks for your personal details online ask yourself why they would need them,” CPP said in a statement.

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  1. Isha Shiri says:
    June 16, 2010 at 11:22 AM


    I have received many e-mails offering money in lost funds in Africans countries that I think I have more than one billion dollars to get ... (laughs) :)

    You know how it all started? A blog I try to record in Asia (Thailand) asked me my e-mail to register ... I made a "silly offer" my email ... Sure, I communicate "spans" for my Yahoo account and not give my details to anyone, but my e-mail receives an average of two a day saying: I chose you... silly girl!

    You send cool tips, I enjoyed your blog.

    Thank you following me, Shalom

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