Nigerian pastor charged with visa scam

A Nigerian Catholic pastor has been charged with fraud after he supposedly made 57 million naira (about R2,8-million) in a Canadian visa scam, a court document showed on Thursday.

Father Felix Afolayan, emerged in the Lagos Magistrate Court on Wednesday and pleaded not blameworthy for making a "representation you knew to be false," the document said.

The 40-year-old priest was arrested about two months ago. He supposedly committed the offence between April and December last year and crooked 110 people by promising to get them Canadian visas, the document said.

The judge adjourned the case till July 2 and ordered the charged to pay bail of two million naira and provide two sureties of equal sums.
The offence of obtaining money through false pretences is usually called "419" in Nigeria, derived from a section of the criminal code that deals with such a crime. Nigerian authorities have intensify their fight against fraud.

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