Nigerian scammer's sentence late

A federal judge Wednesday delayed the sentencing of a Nigerian e-mail scammer after determining she needed more information regarding the 65 typically elderly victims from whom the action claims he helped grab more than $2.5 million.

U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall delayed Okpako Mike Diamreyan's sentencing until Sept. 1. In the meantime, she ordered subordinate U.S. Attorney Edward Chang to provide more detailed information on the loss amount victims continual after their first known contact with the defendant. Additionally, she asked for proof detailing what the government determined the words "old work" and "new or fresh work" meant in e-mails Diamreyan sent to fellow scammers.

Chang, over the opposition of Jonathan Einhorn, Diamreyan's court-appointed lawyer, contends that "old work" refers to individuals who before sent money to scammers and could be victimized again. The prosecutor added that many of the people victimized are senior citizens.

Diamreyan, a native Nigerian, constitutes a rare breed. He is the only person caught and criminal in Connecticut in the past two decades for involvement in advance fee scams, known as the 419 scam. It's named after a section of the Nigerian criminal code

A federal jury convicted him earlier this year on three wire fraud charges all involving Michael Panedelos, a 78-year-old Shelton man.

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