Health Insurance Fraud

A new kind of scam is spreading involving health insurance scam, and it's costing the unemployed thousands.
Scammer companies are trying to get consumers to buy discounted plans, promising discounted coverage which is comparable to reputable companies. "They even go so far as to claim that any place that accepts Blue Cross or Blue Shield will accept these cards," says Ric Herrold with the Better Business Bureau

For an registration fee, consumers receive a realistic insurance card in the mail, usable at doctors, pharmacies, dentists, vision care centers. The fee can be up to $200, along with a monthly fee. Then when they need it most, Herrold says they understand their coverage isn't what they thought. "They might go to the doctor for a luxurious procedure...only to find out, 'sorry, we don't carry this.'" 

Consumers should be on the lookout for persistent robo-calls with no option to ask questions and high pressure phone tactics. Also, scammers are targeting the unemployed and those with pre-existing cfsssonditions.
If you suspect a scammer is trying to get you, contact the Better Business Bureau at 419-531-3116.

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