Scammers Targetting Victims By Phone, E-Mail

State and federal agents are investigating a new kind of fraud, that's targeting people across the Valley.

James Recchia is one of the latest targets. The Ahwatukee restaurant owner has been getting strange calls from some scammers accusing him of being an offender.

"Each call is different. One call says they are with the Attorney General's Office," said Recchia. "Another call says they are with internet scam and internet cyber."

Recchia said that for the past few weeks he has been bombarded with calls and messages from someone claiming the Valley businessman has committed a crime and needs to pay a fine.

The calls have been coming in on Recchia's cell phone and business phone.

The caller also threatened one of Recchia's employees, according to the restaurant owner.

"One employee answered and he said he's not here right now and they said you need to find another job because your boss is going away for a long time unless he gets a hold of us with an attorney," said Recchia.

The pizza shop owner did some research over the internet and found hundreds of complaints connected to the phone number that was calling him.

One victim said the caller, “Threatened to press criminal charges against me if I didn't pay the money."
Another said that the caller was, "Very abusing in tone and frightening."

Recchia has refused to send money and is no longer answering any of the calls.

He said that he only wishes there was more that authorities could do to track these scam artists down.

Don’t become victims of such scammers

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