Ghanaian national in 419 scam

A Ghanaian national, Nanah Kofi aka Asante, who claimed being the son of a Paramount Chief in one of the Asante Kingdoms in Ghana, has sneakily duped some 60 thousand farmers across Sierra Leone. Investigation carried out by this medium revealed how Nanah Kofi told farmers he was working for a Micro Finance Organization abroad.

The name of the undisclosed organization was never told to the farmers by the Ghanaian at all.

Wanting to galvanize trust, Nanah Kofi, entered into partnership with the New Harvest Development Office (NEHADO) in Bo.

It disclosed that the scammer told farmers he will support embarking on paper cultivation, confidently informed them containers of equipments and fertilizers his overseas company has shipped.

Upon this, he was able to receive the sum of Le 4,000 and four passport pictures from all 60 thousand farmers. Investigation has further revealed that the scammers opened an account with the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank in Njala and Bo. That he also opened an account in with First International (FiBank) in Magboraka.

It is reported that Nana Kofi has abandoned his residence at Mano Desse in Moyamba and cannot be found anywhere.

Sources Kofi duped are not just farmers but members of the New Harvest Ministry who acted as his hosts.

This press was told that police have mounted an investigation into the matter.

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