Greedy men’s are still getting con, In spite of all scam awareness

Despite constant reports of 419 scam swindles in the media, people continue to be fooled. It should be noted that con artists have been perfecting their scams skills for decades. It may be hard to believe but this type of scam has been around since the 1920s when it was called the Spanish Prisoner Con.

Back then the letter requesting funds were mailed the old fashioned way rather than arriving via email. The schemes were somewhat different in that they involved breaking the heir of a wealthy family out of a Spanish prison. Large sums of money were usually promised to anyone willing to help finance an operation designed to smuggle the heir out of the jail. The plan was in place but money was needed to bribe the guards, provide a means of transportation or whatever else the scammers might dream up. Each attempt in this escape plan ordeal would end in failure but the next one was certain to succeed! , as usually promised by the artist.

The specific details of the fraud may differ but it's essentially the same thing as every other 419 scam we see in recent days. Every year there is a new angle to play and it's a sure bet that
someone will take the bait. 

Scam -Get rich quick proposals
In this classic scam someone from another country needs your help. They claim to have an extraordinary amount of money that needs to be transferred to the country of origin.

For your trouble, you can keep a hefty percentage of the loot. To get the money into your account someone needs to be bribed. That's where you come in. Once you send this advance fee the money will be deposited into your account. At least that's how it's supposed to work. In reality, you'll never see a dime. Nigerian scams take many forms. The bottom line is that you need to send a little money to get a lot in return. One variation involves an internet lottery you never knew you entered. Another is a bid on your online auction for far more than your item is worth. They'll pay with a money order that will be for more than the agreed on price. They will quickly realize their mistake and ask you to return the extra funds to them. If you decline the request will turn into demands or threats. They'll want you to pay quickly because their initial payment will turn out to be a counterfeit money order. These scams are often easy to spot. Some are more elaborate. Just remember, no one in their right mind sends a stranger a large amount of money over the internet. Don’t be greedy. Don’t fall for such con. Visit us at for more advice on how to prevent yourself to be conned from internet scam perpetrators.

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