Denver charged for identity-theft and child- porn

Ralph Landers, 43, of Denver was sentenced to 16½ years in federal prison this week after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography, identity theft, fraud and other charges.

Landers was ordered to repay almost $304,000 he admitted defrauding banks of and also received eight years of supervised probation upon release, according to the Justice Department.

Authorities became aware of Landers in March 2008, when he attempted to buy child pornography over the Internet using a fake credit card, according to court documents.

Investigators eventually learned Landers had tapped 114 bank and credit-card accounts using stolen identities and commercial mailboxes he had rented. He was indicted last year and pleaded guilty in February.

Landers was arrested after U.S. Postal Service inspectors arranged the delivery of an order for child pornography to a post-office box he had rented.

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