Facebook Scammer’s Verdict uphold by Court of Canadian

The scammer who was ordered to pay Facebook over $800 million in damages two years ago refused to pay and let the case go to his local court in Quebec, Canada for enforcement. That court ruled yesterday that Adam Guerbuez must pay the $873 million that was awarded to the social networking site after they sued him for sending over 4 million scam messages to their users. The messages hawked male enhancement products. Facebook also accused Guerbuez of hacking into user accounts and posting explicit messages hawking the products on user’s walls. It’s not clear if this was done through malicious links sent in spam messages or by another method.
Guerbuez insists he is not a scammer and has done nothing wrong, saying if people don’t want a particular email, they should use their delete key. It doesn’t look like the court ruling will be of much help to Facebook as Guerbuez has filed for bankruptcy and listed the site as one of his creditors-a common tactic used by scammers who have had huge judgments levied against them.
His lawyer said the judgment was excessive and that his client had no choice but to file bankruptcy because there is no way he could ever pay such a huge amount, which equals $1 billion in Canadian funds.

Guerbuez says he is a highly skilled internet marketer and says the whole Facebook issue has helped him gain attention and helped his business. He also claims to have both a book deal and a movie in the works.

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