Scammer targets Cape Coral man by sending Lottery scam twice

It appears a common scam is making its return to Southwest Florida.

A Cape Coral man received two letters in the past week claiming he was a big winner, only he didn't fall for it.

"Never knew I was that lucky, hit it twice in four days," said Donald Stevens. "Different amounts. One's 4950, the other's 4498."

Only Stevens knew better.

"There's a lot of scams out there, and that's exactly what this is."

Two letters with Canadian postmarks and no return address, both claiming Stevens had won a sweepstakes."'Enclosed is a check which you can use to pay the applicable government service tax,'" read the instructions in one of the letters.

Each letter used the name of a real company known in the U.S., but claimed to be based out of Canada or England. Each letter asked Stevens to deposit a check and wire back the funds as *insurance* for his supposedly even bigger winnings.

"I know darn right well, the minute I cash this check, I'm going to be minus that amount of money in my account."

Stevens says he can understand how the realistic-looking checks can be tempting.
But crime prevention officers warn you're on the hook if you fall for it.

While the scam isn't new, Stevens worries others may not be as quick to catch it.

"There's some older people out there and maybe even young ones who don't realize there are these types of scams going on today, Stevens said. "I don't want to see anybody else taken advantage of."

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