Spammer case: Facebook wins $712-mn in compensation

Toronto, Jan31-2010: A California court ruled against the spammer for trying to steal personal information of Facebook users and awarded the social networking site 712 million dollars in compensation.
The court ordered Sanford Wallace to pay Facebook the money after the company complained that he had used the site to induce members to click on messages that appeared legal but were actually designed to capture personal information.
Writing on its official blog, Facebook said that the decision was "another significant success in our fight against spam".
The website promised to pursue compensation from other alleged spammers.
"While we don't expect to receive the enormous mass of the award, we hope that this will act as a continued deterrent," The Globe and Mail quoted the company as saying.
Court documents recommend that Wallace already has judgments against him for more than 200m dollars.
In addition to the new financial punishment, the judge barred Wallace from creating or maintaining a Facebook account.

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