1,008,0000 spam emails sent by the scammers every day in UK

UK customers were targeted by 3.7 billion phishing emails in the last 12 months unaccompanied, a new study has exposed.

Research behavioral by life help firm CPP point out that more than 420,000 scam messages arrive in people's inboxes every hour.

Even more perturbing is that a quarter of email receiver has become a fraud victim, with the average target losing £285 each.

In 55 per cent of cases, criminals assumed the corporate identity of a high street bank in order to cheat an individual out of their money.

Over half of all CPP interviewees also said they had received false lottery or opposition prize draw notifications in their inboxes.

Overall, the firm reports that online banking fraud rose by 132 per cent during the last year, heightening the need to take all possible data security safety measures.

Identity fraud expert, said: "It seems that not a day goes by without a new case of online fraud hitting the headlines. But what's concerning is that customers are still falling victim."

She claimed that scammers are becoming "ever more skilled" in their techniques and tactics.

"It can be enormously difficult to spot a legitimate email from a scam, so we advise care at all times when online," Ms Sanders added.

"[People's] identities are as precious to a thief as a credit card, so protecting personal details is key."

According to expert, all businesses and IT professionals should install anti-phishing tools alongside anti-virus protection.

Active firewalls, which add updates and upgrades automatically, are also required, the firm said.

CPP warned that banks never ask for personal information such as banking details via email, urging individuals to check the authenticity of any data-related request.

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